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Maranta Lemon Lime - 6"

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The Prayer plant, native to Brazil. Asia, and Africa, is a very unique plant. The large patterned leaves with hues of red, green, brown, and cream, lift up and fold together each evening as though praying and open again the next morning. Although the flowers of a Prayer plant are small and insignificant, the patches of color on the leaves get darker and more vibrant as the plant matures.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light.

Water: Keep the soil of a Prayer plant moist but never soggy. Unlike most houseplants, it does not like to dry out before you water.

Fertilizer: Feed every two weeks in the spring and summer months.

Care Tips: A Prayer plant likes a very humid environment, and the humidity in ours homes is often too low. Increase the humidity by grouping plants together, putting a small humidifier or bowl of water near the plant, or setting a Prayer plant on a tray filled with water and small stones.


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