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Drop Earring - Butterfly Wings

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With small translucent panes of orange, peach and light yellow, the way these Butterfly Wing earrings flutter in the breeze is so incredibly sweet. They also serve as a wonderful reminder to think of and care for our pollinators.

These unique earrings are made out of the prettiest translucent enamel which allows for light to filter through them. It has an etched brass frame that featured 22K Gold Plating.

The Drop Earrings will have your choice of either lovely 14/20 Gold-filled or Sterling Silver ear wires/hooks attached.


  • 2” tall and 1.69" wide

  • Weight • Earrings (pair with ear wires): 4g

  • Translucent Enamel

  • The Earrings are sold as a set

  • Earring Hooks/Ear Wires are available in both 14/20 Gold Filled. Sterling Silver is available upon request.

  • A brass base frame that is plated in 22K Gold

  • Illustrated by Samantha Leung

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