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Ficus Decora Ruby - 4"

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Ficus Elastica or Rubber tree plant, once grown for the rubber produced from its sap, is native to India and Malaysia. Rubber plants can range from small table plants to large 5-10' trees given the right growing conditions.

Light: Medium to bright indirect light.

Water: Allow the top 25% of soil to dry out before watering.

Fertilizer: Feed monthly when actively growing.

Pot Size & Soil: Prefers to be root-bound in small pots so don't rush to re-pot into larger containers. Use a well-aerated house plant soil that retains moisture and drains quickly. Plant in containers/pots with adequate drain holes.

Care Tips: Keep leaves clean from dust and pest by simply wiping leaves with a damp cloth. Damaged leaves should be removed as they will not recover. Cutting off growing tip of a main stem encourages new growth and results in a bushier plant. Rubber trees prefer consistent temperatures and do not like being moved.

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