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Hoya Kerrii - 4"

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When it comes to caring for hoya kerrii, thinking of them as succulents helps. They require lots of sun, a little bit of water, and well-draining soil. Basically, they thrive on neglect. Give them a sunny windowsill in your home and some water every few weeks and they will be happy! Don’t be alarmed if you notice your hoya kerrii hasn’t grown a leaf in a while. These hoyas are notoriously slow-growing. As long as you are providing it with enough sun and water, it will reward you with new growth when it's ready.

Light : Choose a location for your hoya kerrii that receives several hours of bright, direct sunlight every day.

Water : Wait for soil to throughly dry before watering.

Fertilizer : Feed when actively growing and producing new leafs.


** Ceramic pot sold separately **

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